An Enigma: gifts versus disability


My world is a world of contrasts...

Since I have a hidden disability most people never realise what I have to cope with on a daily basis; depending on the circumstances this may be an advantage or disadvantage.

I can never escape my disabilities. Sometimes I wish that I could have some time off and just be 'normal' for a little while; a week, a day or just one hour!

Just because I have a disability does not mean I am somehow disconnected from the everyday trials of life that we all have to deal with. However I not only need to deal with the stresses of everyday life but in addition I also have considerable extra stress placed on me by my disabilities.

I endeavour to make the most of what I have. There is much I can do...

It is these gifts which I strive to use in my everyday life.

Many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyslexia are gifted so it is important they have the opportunities they need to develop and use their skills. However, gifted or not, everyone deserves the chance to become the best that they can be.