What helps to alleviated Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome?

also called Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Visual Stress or Visual Snow




Does 'practise make perfect'? While growing up I was often told to practice reading so that it would become easier; yet no matter how long I spent trying to read I never really improved. It would seem that 'Practise makes Perfect' is not always true! My parents and teachers, unaware of my visual problems, assumed that if I practised reading I would be able to read accurately and quickly. Through no fault of their own they did not realise that I could only see a few letters at a time! Today my highest degree is a PhD so obviously I can now read however I still find reading difficult and tiring because I cannot see the text clearly! I need to be realistic about my limitations while striving to achieve as much as possible.


I am left wondering... ...how many people worldwide are struggling through life with undiagnosed Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome?
  The cost to humankind must be very high on so many levels:
     ...physical pain, headaches, migraines...
       ...distress, low self-esteem, depression...
         ...unfulfilled potential and lives...


See animations of how Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome affects my vision