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I never sit down to listen to music or have it playing in the background. Like with everything else I cannot seem to be a passive observer I need to be actually doing 'it'.

Throughout my life when travelling in a car I have always been able to 'hear', or is it imagine, an orchestral symphony within the sounds from the car engine, road and other vehicles. For as long as I can remember I have been improvising music within my mind, intrigued by the seemingly endless possible combinations of sound (notes) and texture.

Like so many other things my music was locked in my mind with no outlet, until when in my mid-twenties I very rapidly figured out how to play the piano. Suddenly my music existed in the 'real' world. I play because I enjoy it! It is necessary for me to improvise because reading music is even more difficult than reading words; all the tangled lines, squiggles and dots are migraine making. Mostly I endeavour to create something peaceful and/or beautiful. It is an added bonus when my music touches other people.

I shall never be a great composer, my thinking is too chaotic. Even to this present day it is impossible for me to consistently channel my creativity for the purposes of music; my imagination leads to some very strange solutions/outcomes even when I'm doing maths and science! When improvising on the piano I am always simultaneously day dreaming and have very little, if any, memory of what I played just moments before. Consequently very little of my music has ever been written down, below are two very short simple pieces I wrote in my twenties that for some, long forgotten, reason I actually penned.

Sunrise Across Purple Oceans
Sunrise Across Purple Oceans Copyright Alison Hale

A Country Walk
A Country Walk Copyright Alison Hale